Conceptual Work

The psychoanalytic theory of phobias is based largely on the theories of repression and displacement. It is believed that phobias are the product of unresolved conflicts between the id and the superego. Psychoanalysts generally believe that the conflict originated in childhood, and was either repressed or displaced onto the feared object. The object of the phobia is not the original source of the anxiety. The ego attempts to modulate these conflicting goals by using a number of coping mechanisms. Repression and sublimation are two of the most common. In repression, the ego attempts to “forget” that the conflict exists. Hypnotists that claim to bring forward repressed memories base their work in the Freudian theory of repression. The closed, non-descript black box contains a common phobia. The user has to open the box to face the fear, therefore presenting a mechanical parallel to handling irrational fears. The phobia itself is presented using a typeface and rounded framing reminiscent of the art nouveau style that was prevalent in the era Sigmund Freud.

Handmade booklet investigating the similarities between today’s online culture and the Dada movement
A series of books exploring the genetic mutations that can occur in DNA replication. 

Illustrated book on idioms concerning eyes